Stray dog plants herself on couple’s porch and refuses to move until they adopt her

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Mama mysteriously appeared on Jane and Matt’s doorstep one day with no collar and no dog tags.

“Nobody knew who she belonged to,” the couple told The Dodo.

According to The Humane Society of Pulaski County, it isn’t safe to let your dog roam free.


While this was once common practice in rural areas, it has become more dangerous with the increased amount of vehicle traffic and the threat of being stolen and sold for money.

But Mama’s owners let her roam free. Mama started returning to Jane and Matt’s house more frequently. She ended up becoming a daily visitor.

“I miss you welcome home. How’s your adventure? Are you OK baby?” Jane would say to Mama.

“I looked forward to seeing her every day,” Jane said.

Jane was curious about Mama’s owners and wanted to tell them how much they love Mama.

So, Jane put a note around Mama’s neck saying “please call us,” but the family never did. About five months later, Mama started to get thinner.

She also started spending a lot more time at Jane and Matt’s House. They decided to invite Mama in for a slumber party one night when it was freezing cold outside.

Jane gave her a bath to get her nice and clean and Mama was so cozy that she was smiling.

“We can’t just be stealing someone’s dog so the next morning we put her outside and she just sat on the front porch all day,” Matt said.

It was clear to Jane and Matt that they needed to adopt Mama. At this point, they didn’t really have a choice.

Mama already adopted them. Jane and Matt were eventually able to locate Mama’s owners.

They had no hesitation in handing Mama over to the care of Jane and Matt.

Now Mama’s adoption was official. But Mama wasn’t really used to being inside all the time. She was a little skittish and shy at first.

The family’s other dog, Cali, was pretty jealous of Mama. She didn’t want another dog rolling up on her territory.

Or trying to share her humans and home.

But by the fifth day, they were like sisters. They had a serious zoomies session inside the house.

Now they love to wrestle, play, and steal things from mom’s closet.

“They’re best friends. Just watching them makes my heart so happy,” Jane said. “Mama Bear and Cali, they’re just polar opposites.

While Cali believes herself to be a proper princess, Mama is bursting with energy, excitement, and a lot of love.

“We’re so glad to have Mama Bear with us. I think she’s a blessing. I will do everything in my power to make her happy, to protect her, to just give everything I could for her to live the best life she could imagine,” said Jane.

Learn more about Mama’s story in the video below.

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