Scared and injured stray dog ‘melts’ into rescuers’ arms on the way to vet

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A dog rescued from the middle of the road turned out to have the most adorable smile despite the bad things he has experienced in the past.

“There was a car coming on the opposite direction that was, like, not gonna stop,” the dog’s rescuer recalled. “That’s when we knew she’s injured. She’s probably already been hit.”

The dog, who was later named Reina, could barely walk.

So she jumped out and tried to get the dog’s attention. Surprisingly, the dog didn’t run away as most dogs would. It looked as if she was desperate for help.

“She came over to me and I was able to scoop her up,” she continued. “As soon as I got her in my arms she kind of just melted into me.”

The poor dog got the safe space she needed.

So what they did next is they took her to the vet to have her injuries checked. The rescuers are positive that she was run over.

Even when they got to the vet, Reina just keep on holding on to her rescuer. She must’ve been so scared and just needed someone to rely on.

But she had to be left at the vet for a night.

Fortunately, when they came to pick her up the very next day, the injuries weren’t as severe as they thought. Reina only had one broken arm and that’s it. It was a relief that nothing major was going on.

What was interesting (and insanely adorable) was that the cute little dog was “just smiling and just wiggling.” She looks so pleased and happy despite her injury. She must be saying, ‘I feel better now, thanks to you!’

She’s just the sweetest dog.

“As soon as she got the cast on and she got her medicine, she turned into a different doggy,” her rescuer gladly recounted. “I’m not sure [if] she ever had a bed before, because we put one down on the ground and as soon as she stepped onto it, she collapsed.”

She absolutely loves having a new home and it shows. She’s now full of smiles and sunshine, just like what every single dog deserves to be.

Then, Reina was fostered.

After three weeks, her cast was removed and Meghan, a volunteer, decided to foster her. And it was just a matter of time until she fell in love with the happy dog.

“When I first brought her home, she was very chill,” Meghan recalled. “I feel like she’s a lot more confident. I also noticed that around big dogs, she was kind of very slow to approach. But she doesn’t do that anymore, she loves all dogs.”

This all happened during the pandemic, and Meghan believes that it was this dog that turned her life around for the better, despite everything that was happening to the world.

From being a dog ran over in the middle of the road to a dog that adores life—love is truly magical.

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