Puppy left by its owner in the middle of nowhere chases a jogger and cries out to be saved

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A runner who was out for a run one morning on this well-known promenade on the outskirts of the city saw a puppy cowering behind some bushes. According to iHeartDogs, the dog had been abandoned by his owners and was trying to avoid him.


The jogger continued forward and came across the helpful dog. The puppy started following the runner with a smile on his face after recognizing a mature soul in the crowd. He pressed up against the jogger’s shoes and begged to be taken somewhere secure.

When the jogger patted the puppy, he or she realized that the area wasn’t safe. Even the next village was miles distant, and the remote wilderness was teeming with unknown dangers. He was only 500 yards away from a busy highway, which may be far more dangerous to the dog.

The jogger made the decision to bring the dog home, clean him up, and feed him a hot meal. Later, he got in touch with the neighborhood animal shelter and assisted the puppy in finding a good forever home so that he may live happily ever after, as all canines deserve!


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