Poor Woman Collapses In Tears When Her Paralyzed Dog Is Taken Away From Her

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Our responsibilities don’t change when our dogs get old or sick. We regularly hear of dog owners trading their old dogs for puppies. And sick dogs are thrown away because their owners don’t want or can’t afford veterinary care.

There is never a reason to give up on a dog. In this story, a dog named Bong started life like any other dog. He was healthy and active. But suddenly his back legs became stiff and he could no longer use them. Instead of giving him the help he needed, his owner threw him in a crate!

A sweet old woman heard his scream. She ran to the stall and saved him! The woman, called ,,grandma” in the town because she was the oldest, decided to take care of him, even though she was quite poor. She fed him with her own food. She made him a bed in a box and many blankets. She also took him for walks in the city to get some fresh air.

She loves Bong very much!

When Bong wanted to move on his own, his grandmother made special bandages for him and put a soft blanket over his legs to prevent him from hurting himself. That was all she could do for him, but it was more than his owners had ever done! Grandma loved Bong so much that she couldn’t sleep at night when Bong wasn’t with her and she wasn’t the first one to fall asleep!

One day a group of volunteers came. They had heard about Bong and his grandmother and wanted to give them a gift. Bong got a brand new bed and delicious dog food. They also gave him new toys. Then they gave Grandma the best present of all! They told Grandma that they had found a health home that would take care of Bong for free. She didn’t have much money, so neither she nor Bong had to suffer. Grandma cried!

Bong went to his new doctor with his new friends and his grandmother. He gave him a canine MRI scan. The results were excellent! The scans showed that he had myelitis, a disease that can be treated in 70% of cases! The only downside was that Bong would need extensive treatment and physiotherapy. He would need to stay in hospital to recover. Grandma knew this was the best thing for Bong, but she would miss him very much. She cried as she hugged him and said goodbye.

Through daily therapy, Bong began to feel better. With his friendly nature, he soon gains the support of the entire staff. First, Bong can walk.

Whenever Bong made progress, they called my grandmother. Then my grandmother came to visit them. She was so happy to see that Bong was doing well. She couldn’t wait to hug him and tell him how well he was doing! The assistants showed Grandma what she could do at home to support her legs.

Bong is very happy to be able to show off to his grandmother and hugs her tightly.

Then Bong has a special guest. In our first story about Bong we told you about his best friend. She is the next person to visit him! Before the treatment Bong always looked so sad because he couldn’t play with his girlfriend, but now he can chase her. He is so happy! Bong is so happy to be back home! Grandma gives him his welcome present. A new harness! Now that he doesn’t have to drag her anymore, he gets a new harness so he can run with her!

Bong is getting better and better. It is too early to neuter him, but that will be the vet’s next step after Bong’s nerves regenerate a little more and his muscles get stronger.

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