Need Help : Dog In Cage Left On Side Of The Road


Lately, we have heard and read a lot of stories of dogs being abandoned in terrific ways. They usually are left at shelters without any warnings or worse, thrown in the streets leaving the dogs so confused…

A pit bull was dumped on the side of a road inside of a wire cage at the Franklin County Animal Control in Benton. Besides this terrible dump, the public’s help is needed to identify the dog’s owner.

This beautiful pit bull had been locked in a cage wearing a chain around her neck. She was found on the side of Walnut Road. She was struggling for food and water when she was found.

Now she is at the shelter and is safe. Her photo and details have been shared more than 12,000 times and is hoped that the owner will be located.


The question is maybe she has fallen down from the back of truck and her owners are looking somewhere for her?
We do not want to think that she was dumped in that terrific way…

Who ever get any information is asked to contact Franklin County Animal Control, so we can help the poor dog.

Let’s hope her owners will be found soon and the pit bull will be at home!


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