Lonely Stray Dog With ‘Proud Soul’ Walks Up To A Stranger On Beach And Right Into Her Heart


He looked so lonely, sitting on the beach all by himself.

Lou was one of the stray “summer dogs” who live on the beaches of Greece who aren’t there for long. He would not have survived the winter if Valia with The Orphan Pet hadn’t crossed paths with him.

She was camping at the beach when the black and white dog appeared and befriended her and her dogs. Soon, the sweet dog had found a way into her heart and she knew she couldn’t leave him behind to perish as other dogs do.

Watch and listen to what Valia has to say about this beautiful “lonely and proud soul” who she hopes to find a home for.


Lou is still looking for his forever home. Valia writes:

“It’s almost been a month since I brought Lou back from that beach, and I want him to find his forever home as soon as possible. Not because he is more special than all the others, but because he is ready, he was always ready. There is nothing more for me to offer him, nothing more to say about him, nothing more to do.”

“It might seem like I am the one who helped him, but the truth is that he helped me more. He helped me appreciate the beauty and the sadness of our beautiful beaches and our romantic Greek summers, and he made those ten days unforgettable. Those walks down the beach were pure poetry, all thanks to the beauty of his lonely and proud soul.”

“In a country with millions of strays, dogs like Lou are always left behind. Their rescue does not seem urgent enough, but trust me, it is. The average lifespan of a stray is 2 years, and usually, in touristic places, the dogs you see one year are never there the next, because they are either deliberately poisoned or suffer accidents, diseases and starvation. Leaving Lou behind to face the cruel and unfair winter of the Greek countryside was simply not an option.”


“Lou is healthy, neutered, vaccinated and only a year and a half old. He is for adoption by SCARS, the charity I volunteer at. If you wish to adopt him you can email me directly at: support@theorphanpet.com.


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