Journey of hope: poor dog resilient through fungal infection, inspiring hearts to the path of happiness


When we first saw dog, we couldn’t believe our eyes. Dog emerged from the box, and we were all shocked by his appearance. His body was covered in a strange, unknown fungus, resembling mushrooms, and his face was almost unrecognizable, as if it had been completely consumed by the fungus, resembling cement or plaster.

The doctors were equally astonished and gave dog a bleak prognosis – only two months to live. They even suggested assisted suicide as an option during his treatment, but we were determined to fight for him. Dog had been abandoned, but we weren’t going to give up on him.


Week by week, we saw improvements in Rada’s condition. His skin started to heal, and he began to gain weight and grow. The unwavering support and cooperation of the doctors played a crucial role in his recovery. They adjusted his treatment dosage according to his progress, and Rada responded positively to the treatment.

Throughout his recovery, Rada never let go of his stuffed chicken toy, which had been with him since the beginning. It became a symbol of his determination and will to survive. He held onto it tightly during his check-ups, and it brought comfort to him in the midst of his struggles.


After months of intensive treatment, Rada made a remarkable recovery. He was finally discharged from the veterinary hospital, and he was ready to go to his forever home. His transformation was nothing short of miraculous. His skin had healed, and he had regained his strength and vitality. Rada’s resilience and unwavering spirit had saved his life.

We were overjoyed to see Rada’s progress and knew that he was going to thrive in his new home. He had defied the odds and overcome a challenging condition that had initially seemed hopeless. Rada’s story became famous, and his journey to recovery inspired many others.


As we bid farewell to Rada, we were filled with gratitude for the dedicated team of doctors who never gave up on him. Rada’s remarkable recovery was a testament to the power of determination, love, and unwavering support. He had a second chance at life, and we knew that he would continue to thrive in his new home, surrounded by love and care. Rada’s story would always be a reminder to us all that miracles can happen, and hope should never be abandoned.


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