Horse spots brother approaching and it turns into an emotional reunion after years apart

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No one likes being separated from loved ones. It’s a bummer having to, whether it’s for work or worse, unforeseen circumstances.

That goes the same for our animal friends. A lot of people don’t seem to realize that animals do have feelings too, and they show their emotions a lot, if we only paid more attention.

Horses themselves do create strong bonds with each other and will even go to great lengths just to reunite with their family. They know who their loved ones are, just like us.

TikTok user @wranglerbum shared this heartwarming video, which was a reunion between two horse brothers.

He wrote, “It’s been years since these horse brothers have seen each other,” in the video’s caption.

The horses are named Koda and Harley.

You can see them get more and more excited as they recognize each other from a distance. Koda can’t wait to get in the corral so he can be next to his brother once again.

There’s nothing like seeing a loved one after being apart for a long while.

That goes double for family members so imagine what these two beautiful horses felt like. Body language says it all!

No wonder this TikTok video has gone viral.

Harley puts his snout over the high fence trying to get as close to his brother as he possibly can.

Koda slowly walks up to his brother, and the two horses sniff each other a bit before they touch heads, forming a heart.

The third horse, Journey, is watching closely, even making her way to the brothers as she was unsure of what is going on. It’s Harley who makes sure to reassure Journey.

Koda is family and everything will be okay.

The brothers touch heads again, an embrace between them that does not need words. They are reassuring each other that they’re now together.

Koda then makes an effort to bring his head over the fence. He does so so he can get a little bit closer to his brother Harley.

The horses stand cheek-to-cheek, both their heads over the sides of the fence as Journey looks on.

It is the last time these two will ever be apart. Koda is now moving in where he gets to stay with his brother for life, and that’s how it should have been from the very start.

According to I Heart Horses,

“Animals can and do create bonds, which include affection, trust, and loyalty.”

Notice how horses react differently to certain people. Either they become really anxious and tense, or they relax and nuzzle up to the person.

And since they thrive in herds, it’s only natural to think that they do understand loyalty and affection. It’s pretty similar to us humans and how we see our families.

So Harley and Koda are no different. No one wants to be separated from their sibling!

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