Great Dane jumps for joy when dad puts on pants

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You know that feeling you get around 3 pm on a Friday afternoon? You just had a tiring week, and it’s about to be THE WEEKEND! That little burst of excitement is easily enough to pull you through the last hours of the workday and into a fun-filled (or relaxing) few days.

For a dog, that weekend feeling happens every time they find out they are going for a walk!

When a dog realizes that it is going outside for a walk, it’s like they just won the lottery. From the way they respond, you would think this was the absolute peak of their life, and NOTHING could ever possibly top this moment.

Of course, we had to look into the science behind it!

Understanding our pooches behavior is the responsible thing to do as a loving owner! Thankfully, we didn’t have to dig too far in order to find the reason behind it. Like most things, it has to do with a dog’s relation to their distant cousin – the wolf!

There is a natural inclination for most dogs to be outside.

Wag! says:

Dogs have a natural enthusiasm for the great outdoors. It’s the environment which the majority of dogs are most comfortable in and it’s where they love to spend as much time as possible. Yes, they do like to be by your side and curled up in front of a blazing fire, but say walkies and they’ll have forgotten that snug cosy spot in less than a second.

We all know this to be VERY true. They even elaborate on walking specifically:

Dogs love walks because, in some way which even he may not understand, he’s fulfilling that old, inbuilt survival instinct to go out and forage for food.

With that in mind, this video of a Great Dane seems rather appropriate.

Falcon is a Great Dane who LOVES to go on walks, much like any other dog does. The thing that makes this video so funny and different, however, is seeing a massive dog respond just like a puppy would!

When Falcon sees his dad, Matt, come down the stairs, the antics begin.

Falcon knew what was about to go down without even saying anything. His dad had just gone to change his pants, and to Falcon, that was the only tip-off he needed. Dogs are so sensitive to ritual and change, and Falcon knew what “putting pants on” really meant. All that was left was to get a leash and head out into that great unknown (that is, the suburb sidewalks).

As his dad gets ready to leave with him, Falcon leaps FEET into the air!

Watching such a huge dog fly into the air isn’t something you get to witness on a regular basis. The ensuing hilarity is worth a watch if you haven’t seen it. Falcon may have a special jumping skill as it almost looks like he floats a few times!

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