Every Time Anyone Gets Too Close To This Homeless German Shepherd She ,,Cries Like A Human”

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Remembrances of abuse can psychologically disrupt a dog and switch its attitude towards people continually. The dog’s name is Rain. She is a homeless German Shepherd. Rain hid under a van for several days. Rain was scared, leaning against the wall behind the vehicle and shaking uncontrollably when someone approached him.

The neighborhood alerted the animal protection group ‘Hope For Paws’ about Rain’s behavior. Soon several rescuers arrived on the scene to help Rain. Rescuer Loreta was the first to approach Rain. But Rain completely silenced the rescuer with his frightened body language and heartbreaking screams.

The rescue team was shocked to hear Rain’s disturbing human screams as he tried to escape. It was hard to imagine what kind of abuse she had suffered that caused her to express her pure fear so intensely. She was scared and expressed it in a way that rescuers had never heard before. Rain hid under the vehicle and prayed for the rescuers to leave. She then crawled into an uncomfortable area to put more distance between her and the rescuers. But as the rescuers cordoned off the area with a net, Loreta caught Rain with a soft rope.

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