Dog Left Alone Carries Empty Bowl from Door to Door in Hope of Being Fed

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The “American Strays Project,” founded by the “World Animal Awareness Society (WA2S),” is a specialized campaign aimed at increasing awareness for stray dogs. During their study for this program, the volunteers came across a heartbreaking sight in a run-down Detroit neighborhood.

In this video, volunteers are pursuing a stray dog that is moving from house to house while toting an empty dish in his mouth. In pursuit of someone who will feed him, the dog makes his way through the dense, thorny foliage. He has little chance, though, as the area is a huge wasteland that has been left uninhabited.

The helpers were appalled to see the starving puppy furiously racing about with the saddest expression. They followed the dog for almost five houses before giving him enough water to drink and filled his dish with food. Later, the volunteers saw to it that all of the stray animals in the deserted area were taken care of.

Many people think that homeless animals are either fed constantly or forage for food. However, the harsh truth is that they are always anxious since they don’t know when their next meal will be. We hope that this enlightening film encourages viewers everywhere to keep a look out for stray dogs in their neighborhoods.

Watch the distressing struggle in the video below of the stray dog going door to door while carrying an empty dish.

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