Dog Distraught After Family Leaves Him At High-Kill Sanctuary, But After That New Best Friend Adopts Him

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A Pit bull called Blue had the unthinkable to happen to him: his family left him behind.


Thank you to the millions of volunteers across the world that assist animals in need, like Blue, locate a forever home!

Blue lived with a family in California for about a year, but when the family relocated, they chose to not take Blue with them.

Dog Distraught After Family Leaves Him At High-Kill Sanctuary, But After That New Best Friend Adopts Him

Blue was surrendered to Carlson Sanctuary in California, a shelter referred to as a high-kill facility.

He was so psychological he did what anybody else would certainly have done: break down in tears. The volunteers tried to offer him a treat or even just to smile, however he was so overwhelmed with the emotion of what was going on, all he can do was cry. Some say the photos show tears dripping from potential allergies, however I believe most of us know just how tears wound up on this beautiful Pitbull’s face.

Fortunately, volunteers from Saving Carson Sanctuary Dogs chose to help him by posting the video on the bottom of the article across Social media. The video was produced and succeeded to get attention in hopes that somebody would take Blue home and give him a forever home!

You can see from the video that these great people were simply attempting to help. All Blue was searching for was help and a friend to invest the remainder of his life with.

Blue ended up being friends with Jennifer McKay. Jennifer saw not when, not twice, but three times, and took him house on the third time!

” He looked very unfortunate and depressed,” McKay informed The Dodo. “You could inform that each time somebody walked by, it was like he was looking for them [the owners],” she said. “It resembles he knew he had actually been left there.” However when McKay visited a 3rd time, Blue perked up and went straight to his future owner!

Ever since Blue has actually run out the kennel and right into a house, he has been a new canine. As quickly as Blue got to his brand-new home, he got a bathroom and was considered a walk, and made himself right at home sleeping on the living-room sofa. When he’s not resting or riding in the car with the windows down, his favorite thing is looking at himself in the mirror.

Blue can now continue with his life, knowing he remains in good hands.

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