After being rescued from floodwater, a donkey that was stranded smiles widely

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When taken to safety after being saved from floods in Ireland, a donkey may be seen grinning.

Last Sunday, a member of a rowing club in Ireland saved a donkey that had become trapped in floodwater and is now recovering. The woman posted a request for assistance on her Animal Heaven Animal Rescue (AHAR) Facebook page.


On Saturday night, the horse broke out from its stable in Killorglin, County Kerry, after heavy weather destroyed the fence.

The following morning, after a neighboring river overflowed its banks, the donkey was discovered abandoned in a field, surrounded by deep floodwater.

A member of the Killorglin Rowing Club named Mike Fleming discovered the donkey and, together with a group of rescuers from the animal shelter, was able to wrap a rope and buoyancy device around it before hauling it to land.

The donkey, now known as Mike after his saviour, is recuperating at the animal shelter while the stable is being renovated, according to a spokeswoman for Animal Heaven Animal Rescue.

He is currently being cleaned up with towels, eating hot mashed potatoes, and is feeling cozy and warm. Our vet has seen him and has started him with antibiotics to avoid pneumoonia.

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He has a minor amount of fluid in one lung, but our veterinarian predicted that he will recover.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to anyone that supports in needy animals.


adore the monkeys He’s genuinely grinning…

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