After being gone for 536 days, the poor cat is overjoyed and jumps right into his owner’s arms

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I’m so happy that this adorable cat and her owner are back together!

The story of a lovely orange kid named Cat became viral after the cute feline remained missing for 536 days. Owners Mindy and Luke Criner were beginning to feel hopeful when Cat reappeared in their life, mewing and purring for their attention.


The cat was initially quite wary when it was adopted from Virginia’s Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter. They obtained a cat they called Cat in June of 2015. He began MI.ssing in the beginning of May, according to Mindy, who went on to say, “By morning, I was in full panic mode; he would go out for a little while during the day if the weather was great, and he didn’t return home for supper.”

The Criner family immediately made a post about their lost pet on the Facebook page for Lost & Found Pets – Hampton Roads, Virginia. They distributed leaflets to local people, grocery shops, veterinary clinics, and shelters. After a few months of nightly walks calling and hoping that animal control or the shelter would call, they began to lose confidence.

Every evening, Mindy and Luke searched their area for Cat, but they were unsuccessful. Then, 536 days after he vanished, they learned that he had been found via a voicemail from Animal Control and an email from the microchip company! As it turns out, Cat was taken care of by a man for a full year!

The individual was ignorant of what microchips were. Cat stayed with him until they could be found. Cat welcomed Mindy to the man’s home and started purring as soon as she saw her. Without hesitation, the cat dives into his owner’s arms. Cat’s family reunion was wonderful.

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When he finally located his carer, love, and compassion giver, imagine the delight and security he must have felt! I’m so happy that you and your adorable Kitty have reconnected.

We love happy endings like this, and seeing her beloved cat return after such a long absence makes me jump with joy. That is truly lovely and uplifting. They’re connected.

I’m very happy the cat is back with its family after such a long absence! Godspeed to you both.

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