A.ban.doned Old Dog And The Amazing Rescue In The Midnight!

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So happy that precious pup was found, cared for and recovered!

Precious Moonie .. you are now in a forever loving home sweetheart! 💋❤🏡
A dra.matic rescue took place in the middle of the night and the result melted everyone’s heart.

According to the original plan, Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy, decided to rescue the dog early the next morning because the darkness made it too difficult to find anything.

Then the plan changed. An urgent message about an a.ban.doned si.ck dog sent in the middle of the night prompts Suzette to depart immediately. She brought snacks and a humanitarian dog.

Hall said that she was out in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, and on a one-lane road. Hall was determined to find the puppy. Despite the difficulties of the darkness, she managed to locate the puppy thanks to her special ability.

The moonlight helped Hall see the dog. So, she named her Moonie. Moonie has beautiful eyes but her body is too shabby. Her skin and bones caused Hall to mistake it for a coyote at first. Moonie su.ffe.red from sc.abies and many other di.sea.ses. Worthily, she sm.elled ba.d.

Hall was with Moonie in the car until morning. After being seen by vets, Moonie was [qua.rant.ined] for six months to get the most rigorous tre.atment and cure her [i.l.lness]. However, she was so lovely that her status as “foster pup” did not last long.

Moonie went to 2 different foster homes. Her adoptive mother didn’t want to have to part with her. Hall believes that Moonie is truly loved and cared for. Now she is enjoying the best life she has ever had.

Thanks to dedicated care, Moonie is having a spectacular change in body and appearance. Hall commented that Moonie was the most beautiful dog she had ever met. She deserves to exist and bring her story to inspire the whole world.

So Glad Po.or Innocent dog was found and Cared for and has a Loving Home now Furever! ❤🏡
Thank you so very much for staying with Moonie the whole night. ❤️

God bless the foster mom who decided to keep this precious loving dog, know that God is going to bless you and the lady that pick him up and slept with him till the clinic open up, you people are amazing for caring for all these homeless and a.ban.don dogs….

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