2 puppies fall down a well with a cobra – snake’s unexpected reaction amazes animal rescuers


Living on the streets all the time is full of danger and definitely so hard. Stray dogs are out there all the time, and probably used in living in fear all the time or fight anything that might be dangerous.

It is estimated that in India there are 30 million homeless dogs. Truly sad for the poor pups.

In the state of Punjab, two stray dogs were unfortunately involved in a horrible accident where they were separated from their mother.

Luckily, a villager heard the poor mama dog barking for help near a well where her two puppies had fallen in.


The villager came to the rescue but what more frightening was what he saw next. A king cobra was lying next to the poor pups down there who were helpless.

King Cobras are known as dreaded snakes and their venom is powerful enough to kill a full-grown elephant in three hours.222

On the other hand, snakes do avoid having any contact with people and are considered as shy animals.

In India, where the incident happened, there are several smaller venomous snakes which cause far more deadly bites.


The mama dog and the rescue team were really frightened something horrible could happen down there even though Cobras do not usually feed on dogs.

In contrary, not only the Cobra was doing anything bad to them, the snake appeared to be protecting the two pups.

The Cobra made sure to well guard the doggos from the other side of the well where there was soft soil and the puppies could have gotten stuck in.

The puppies and the Cobra stayed together for 48 hours down there and not even once the Cobra showed aggression to them.


It was so easy for the rescue team to rescue the dog and the Cobra made it so easy. The Cobra gently moved itself over so they could retrieve the puppies without any problem.

Now, who thought Cobras would be this nice to their puppy friends? That is so adorable. So glad the puppies got rescued.

Love the companionship and the compassion that animals share towards one another.


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